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The Journey - Instrument Playthrough.mp4

The Journey - Instrument Playthrough.mp4

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Thank You Note


Thank you is an understatement! You are a large part of making a dream come true. I have always wanted to release original music, however I always assumed that I would do so as part of a full band and not just me (and the Lord) releasing music as a solo artist. To be honest this whole process has been overwhelming and a bit nerve-racking. If I release bad music or accompanying material, then I have no band to hide behind or lean on, I have no one else to blame that failure on but myself. Fortunately, I have received mostly positive feedback in regards to the material that I have released so far, and even the more harsh critiques have been presented in a positive and respectful manner that have helped me grow and better my approach and rethink the way that I create, play, and release music.


I first began this project in the fall of 2019 with nothing more than a drum track that I bought online, an older MacBook with GarageBand on it, a Zoom B3 Bass Guitar Pedal that could be used as an Audio Interface and a good bit of creativity & passion. It wasn’t long after writing and recording the “Graffiti” single that I got the idea for the EP. It took way longer than I wanted or expected but life happens and some things just take time. That being said, I am just glad that the time for this release has finally come.

I’m beyond thrilled to put this music out there and I’m even more grateful that you wanted to listen to it. If you're reading this letter then I want to say the biggest THANK YOU for supporting my music and keeping my dream alive. Anyone that truly knows me, knows that I’ve never cared about being rich and famous, I’ve never cared about making a ton of money off of my music (don’t get me wrong it’d be nice to make a little bit back). I really just hope that someone would listen and be impacted in even some small way by the music that I write and the story of my life that is ingrained in every note played and every lyric sung. If I can do that while honoring God in the process then I feel like I’ve done something right.

Again, thank you for the support and God Bless! Here’s to many more songs to come.

- Trey     


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